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UrbanScape for Cinema 4D—An All-in-One City & Environment Solution packed into a neat little 60 MB Cinema 4D file. Makes setting up a complete city scene in natural surroundings Instant, Effortless and Fun!


  • Over 2000 Building Models
  • Animatable and Customizable Sun Object with Glow
  • Animatable and Customizable Moon Object with Glow
  • Customize, Overlap, and Animate specific Cloud Groups without setting keyframes
  • Robust Sky Object with Gradient Color and Glow Controls
  • Animate Lightning Splashes without setting keyframes
  • Modify and Animate the Ocean without setting keyframes
  • Rotate, Customize and Colorize Horizon Object as a Backdrop to your City
  • Use the Environment Module with any project you create
  • Adjust Window Lighting Globally by window group
  • Height & Rotate Controls on 93 Individual Buildings
  • Numerous Buildings with Individual Exterior Lighting Controls
  • Randomize Height on All Buildings
  • Cycle Main City Center buildings into Different Locations
  • Extensive Wharf Lighting and Building Controls
  • Animated Traffic with Headlights & Taillights. Left or Right Side Driving Patterns
  • Controls for “Growing” Buildings into your scene
  • Individual Building On/Off Controls
  • Building Groups On/Off Controls
  • Nearly 300 MBs. of Original Textures
  • Free Tutorials on Vimeo and YouTube that Cover Everything
  • And much more!

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⚠️  [Supports Cinema 4D Versions R16 – R21] ⚠️  [MoGraph Required]

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UrbanScape Tutorial Playlist on Youtube

You can Watch and Download Tutorials on Vimeo

Watch UrbanScape Promo Video Below!

Xpresso Driven Controls and “No-Keyframe” Animation Features on Clouds, Lightning, Ocean and more!

⚠️  Warning to R20-R21 Users—DO NOT UPDATE Any Generator Objects (Loft, Extrude, Lathe, Sweep) or any MoGraph Effectors, or anything that Cinema prompts for an update. The R20-R21 version was not built in R20-R21 but has been updated to work in R20-R21 and has been tested in those versions. Maxon claims it is okay to Update Objects in R20-R21 from earlier versions, but doing so WILL BREAK THE URBANSCAPE RIG]

Buy Now At Gumroad!

📌  [Be sure to keep your Zip File Download in a safe place so you will always have a nice, fresh UrbanScape to start your next project!]