Printer Heads

 [Beginner-Intermediate] [Requires Mograph]

In this 3-Part Cinema 4D tutorial we’ll add Printing Heads to the Candy Conveyor setup we created in the previous “Conveyor Candy Transform with Logo” tutorial.

 (Download Printer Heads_Clean Start at bottom of page)

Part 1 [24:30]

In Part 1 will explore the power of Xpresso and the super useful Modulo setting in the Range Mapper Node. Then with the help of some fancy Math and the Math Nodes, we’ll time the heads to perfectly contact the candy to imprint a logo on each colorful piece. We’ll even create a Speed Controller that will utilize the Time Node Frames and FPS parameters to drive the Rate Slider in the Cloner so they stay in sync at any speed!

Part 2 [33:49]

In Part 2 we’ll starting building the actual Printer Head using a Cone Primitive, a Displacer Deformer and Cell Noise to give our head a Techno/Mechanical skin. No polygon modeling whatsoever, this technique perfect for spaceships, particle accelerators and any futuristic gadgets, machines and gizmos! We’ll add an animated light by calling up the Condition and Compare Nodes, a must learn for anyone interested in the action of one object initiating the animation of another!

Part 3 [34:13]

In Part 3 it’s time to get Wired! We’ll explore some cool ways to create and animate wires using nothing but Xpresso (No spline dynamics needed!) and a bit of Math and Memory! Yes, the Memory Node. If you haven’t used this it’s time to find out what you’ve been missing! Then it’s on to the Lemniscate, the infinity spline, to create our wire Profile and a material to give our dual wire a bright two-color skin. We’ll even explore how to “twist” the wire down its entire length if you prefer that look. So let’s get started!

Download “Printer Heads Clean Start with assets” – Downloaded 642 times – 328.28 KB

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