About Lonnie Busch

Just before the new millennium, the United States Postal Service commissioned me to create a block of fifty commemorative stamps entitled, “Greetings from America.” Several years later I designed a block of forty stamps called, “Wonders of America,” released in May of 2006. In all, I have created well over a hundred stamps for the USPS.

I started my career in commercial art at Washington University in St. Louis. From there I landed a job at Exodus Design Studio. Eventually I went to Steven Blives and Associates, and after a few years, set out on my own to pursue my love of illustration. Since then, with an airbrush as my main medium, I created illustration for advertising campaigns, posters, commemorative stamps, magazine covers, packaging, and billboards for companies across the United States.

Around Y2K, I chose to retire my airbrush and throw myself into the digital world by purchasing a Mac computer. With my first project in this totally new digital medium, I was amazed to see how much I could retain the look of the airbrush work I had spent years developing. And with the advent of new software, came the possibility of new creative expression—animation and motion graphics.

The software I use in my daily workflow include, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Soundtrack Pro, and Final Cut.