GI Rig

Untouched 1280 x 720 frame rendered with GI Rig for C4D [Render time: 7 seconds]

[Requires Mograph/Cloner Object/Matrix Object]

The GI Rig for Cinema provides an alternative to the native Global Illumination in C4D. With one click, you add fantastic diffuse lighting to your scene. When used for animation, it can cut hours from your render times.

Within the The GI Rig for Cinema, you control the Intensity of the Light, the Shadows, the Quality of the Shadows, the Color of the lights, and more.

The GI Rig lights are arranged in three tiers, giving you the ability to adjust the Top, Middle, and Lower banks of lights, for infinite illumination possibilities. And when used in conjunction with additional area lights and ambient occlusion, the GI Rig for Cinema can make your scene come to life in seconds. And because it doesn’t use native global illumination, The GI Rig for C4D will not generate gigabytes of Irradiance Cache files that must be recalculated every time you change your scene.

I still use native global illumination for some things, especially for illustration work, but the GI Rig has become my go to setup for most scenes and animations. I hope you find it fun and helpful!

[Since creating the How To video for the GI Rig I have added an “Enable Gi Rig Lights” button which allows you to turn off GI Rig lights in the scene, thereby reactivating the Default Viewport Light so you can further work on the scene without deleting the GI Rig]

Everything in the Chimera video below was rendered with the GI Rig for C4D.

Also have a look at the instructional video below to get the most from the GI Rig. Happy rendering!

Download “GI Rig for C4D” – Downloaded 739 times – 46.65 KB

How to Use the GI Rig


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