Window Rig

Scene using the Window Rig for Cinema 4D

[Placeholder Textures]   [Requires Mograph/Cloner Object/Matrix Object]

The Window Rig for Cinema 4D allows you to create double-hung Windows in a variety of ways easily for your Architectural Models and renders in Cinema 4D.

Create multiple double-hung windows with or without casing, change window size and count, window frame size, window dividers, sill, blinds, glass, and more. Materials in rig are just placeholders

Window Rig makes it simple to create windows, then drop them into walls, with controls to associate the window to the selected wall.

Window Rig also provides a suite of controls for Window Count, Window Height and Width, Frame Thickness, Glass Pane visibility, and tons more.

Check out the videos below. They’ll show you how to install the lib4d file and how to get the most from the rig! Have fun!


Download “Window Rig-C4D” – Downloaded 532 times – 301.49 KB


Download “R21_ONLY_Window Rig” – Downloaded 739 times – 169.79 KB

Directions for Use


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2 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Hey Lonnie, I have been trying to use this in the latest release s22 and although nothing should have changed with how lib4d files and xpresso works, I can’t seem to get this rig working. I even delved into the xpresso yet still to no avail. Any pointers you might have to get this working then I’d love to get your advice.


    • lonnie says:

      Hey Alex, I am so sorry it is not working for you. I don’t have s22 and am not sure why that isn’t working, as I believe you are correct, that Xpresso and Mograph should be functioning the same. If you’d like, I can try emailing the actual file to you so you don’t have to use the .lib4d file. Maybe the issue is there. As I recall, the actual window rig file is not very large. I have your email address here, just let me know if you’d like for me to send it to you.

      All the best!

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