Computer Key Head

 [Beginner-Intermediate] [Requires Mograph/Cloner Object]

In this tutorial, we’ll create this head made from computer keys, by utilizing the UVs and the Mograph Cloner Object. Just so you know, there is absolutely no modeling in this tutorial, the entire effect is achieved through UV mapping and texturing!

I’ll show you how to create new UVs for the head by using another object’s UVs, so that we can easily map the letters and numbers to the keys, as well as create the actual keys themselves by using a depth map.

There are many useful concepts in this tutorial, such as setting up the geometry, camera, and render settings for the depth map, using the Take System (Take System is not required) and Layers to streamline the render process, and using a Mograph Shader Effector to drive the animation of the keys.

We’ll also explore the Mograph Color Shader and the Colorizer to vary the colors of each computer key. It’s a fun tutorial with lots of cool ideas! So Let’s get started!

 (You can download the Head_Computer-Keys_Start file below, or use your own model to follow along)

Download “” – Downloaded 933 times – 98.40 KB


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6 Responses

  1. Wim Opsteen says:

    I can,t save “key-color.tif” format. When I save it as preset it wil not work in this tutorial.

  2. Wim Opsteen says:

    Also it dit not work. Than I did it my way: I render both with the picture viewer, gif it the right name and saved it into the map I used. Than I linked both in the render settings file onto the path where the pictures are saved. And it works!!

    sorry for my bad Englisch, greetings Wim

  3. Wim Opsteen says:

    Unbeleveble you are using these many different opportunities of C4D. It gives me spirit.
    Thank u very very much!!
    greetings Wim

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