Adding Tentacle Detail

 [Beginner-Intermediate] [Requires Mograph/Cloner Object]

Once you’ve downloaded the file, Tentacle-Suction-Cups_Start.c4d_, and opened it, you’ll see some crazy geometry in the viewport. That’s what we’ll use to set up our Parallel Camera to create a Depth Map render that we can then use to add amazing detail to our tentacles, such as suction cups, bumps and ridges without adding polygons!

Once we’ve created our Depth Map, then you can download the_Tentacle_plain file.c4d_and we’ll apply the map to it.

[Note: For the best results the UVs should be unwrapped for the tentacle, but that falls outside the scope of this tutorial. Nevertheless, we will get to see how our Depth Map works, and I’ll show you a cool trick for utilizing the “Fit to Region” command for applying our Depth Map to our geometry.]

Let’s get started!

Download “Tentacle Suction Cups_Start.c4d” – Downloaded 397 times – 138.01 KB

Download “Tentacle_plain.c4d” – Downloaded 403 times – 62.39 KB


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