Monthly Archive: February 2018

3D render of factory-like scene with gears, chains and cogs in a dark setting with fiery hot spots in deep perspective created in Cinema 4D. 0

Chain Drive

 [Beginner-Intermediate] [Requires Mograph/Cloner Object/Fracture Object] In this 5 Part Series on creating a Chain Drive, we’ll explore the advantages of creating our rig using Spline and Extrude Objects, giving us greater ease while building...

Realistic closeup 3D render of generic seismograph with wires and lights in perspective created in Cinema 4D with sensor arms printing out jagged red lines on a cylinder of blue-lined graph paper. 0

Seismograph Rig w/Controls/Tex

[Requires Mograph/Cloner Object/Matrix Object] The Seismograph Rig for Cinema 4D is fully textured and ready for animation. Just add lights, camera and action. (Some lights already in scene file!) The Seismograph Rig controls make...

3D render of shiny abstract shape constructed from spheres, toruses, cubes, and capsules in Cinema 4D and lit dramatically with orange and cool gray. 0

GI Rig

[Requires Mograph/Cloner Object/Matrix Object] The GI Rig for Cinema provides an alternative to the native Global Illumination in C4D. With one click, you add fantastic diffuse lighting to your scene. When used for animation,...