Manually Animate An Octopus Tentacle

 [Beginner-Intermediate] [Requires Mograph/Tracer Object, Dynamic Joint IK]

If you have followed the previous 4 Tutorials on Rigging and Animating an Octopus Tentacle, then you know how to use Spline Dynamics and the C4D Particle Modifiers to create lifelike movement for your octopus. But maybe you need more control over the movement than the modifiers can provide.

Here I’ll show you how to utilize the built in Handle Feature of the IK Spline Tag so you can manually animate the tentacle, then bake that animation into a Motion Clip that can be used with the Motion Clips we created in the previous 4 tutorials.

If you haven’t followed the other 4 tutorials, then just download the file below.

Download “_Tentacle_Octopus_Manual Animate_Start_.c4d” – Downloaded 279 times – 151.90 KB

Manually Animating an Octopus Tentacle


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